Our story

Our company, created in 1995 and based in Pons (Charente-Maritime) since 1998, is specialised in designing and manufacturing disc blade tree and hedge trimmers, mechanical pruning tools. The cutting technique developed for these trimmers consists of limiting the spread of diseases and promoting a healthier regrowth. It gives a clean cut, with no shredding or crushing.

COUP’ECO then developed several different ranges of pruning equipment: the CELEST, COMETH and GALAX ranges, dedicated to the maintenance of green spaces and tree trimming in urban areas; the METEOR range, for forest pruning and the edges of roadside and fields; and the COSMOS range for orchard maintenance. These ranges offer a wide choice of pruning machines, both standard and custom (design office), each equipped with a chassis for all types of mounting: tractor, hydraulic excavator, telescopic handler, front loader, skid-steer loader, and many more. Every tree trimmer is equipped either with one or more disc saw blades, of different diameter, or with plates of blades, which are designed for thinner branches.

Following international demand, COUP’ECO also specifically designed a range dedicated to sugarcane harvesting thanks to their cutting heads called COUPEUSES. Nowadays, 20% of COUP’ECO’s sales are international due to marketing of the entire range of trimming equipment.


Manufacture of the 1st Disc Hedge Trimmer 700

Manufacture of the 1st Disc Hedge Trimmer 900


Manufacture of the 1st Electric Hedge Trimmer Galax 4000


Manufacture of the 1st Circular Saw Cutter Galax 6000 for trimming the back of trees


Development of the range of Disc Hedge Trimmers with the manufacture of Tree Trimmers 500, 600 and 650


Manufacture of the 1st Reach Arm Pruning Machine Meteor T400 mounted on a telescopic platform


Manufacture of the 1st Reach Arm Pruning Head Meteor P mounted on an excavator


Development of the Cosmos range for arboriculture


Manufacture of the 1st sugarcane Coupeuses (cutting machines) for export


Development of the Celest range with the manufacturing of the 1st Celest 250 Walk-Behind Hedge Cutter


Development of the 1st self-propelled narrow-width ACE 45 on which is mounted the Galax 6000 Circular Saw Tree Cutter for trimming the back of trees


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The Galax range expands with the manufacturing of the multipurpose hedge cutters Galax H


COUP’ECO is 25 years old! And development of the Cometh Hedge Cutters range, designed for skid-steer loaders