Meteor MD100 Tractor-Mounted Hedge Trimmer

  • Adapts to a small loader.
  • Ideal for trimming hedges on the border of fields.
  • Professional disc hedge trimmer will adapt to the size of your work site.
  • Vertical and horizontal pruning.
  • Great visibility thanks to front mounting.
  • The motor of the trimmer is adapted to the hydraulic flow rate of the carrier.
  • Hydraulic offset 700mm.
  • Interchangeability of the saw blades with plates of flails during the growing season.
  • Simple plates kit, 500mm in diameter (optional).
  • Lifting attachment compatible with all brands (optional).
  • Paddock stands for storage.

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ModelMeteor MD100
Disc Hedge Trimmer35004500
Nb. of blades/discs34
Diameter (mm)500
Cutting capacity (mm) - Plates of blades25
Cutting capacity (mm) - Saw blades160
Cutting length (m)1,231,59
Hydraulic flow rate and pressure27 L/min à 170 bar27 L/min à 170 bar
Rotary speed (rpm)2500
Machine weight (sans accrochage) (kg)170192