Meteor P350 Excavator-Mounted Tree Trimmer

  • Pruning head perfectly designed for all types of tree delimbing
  • Adapts to excavator (from only 8 tons).
  • Remarkable cutting capacity: branch diameter up to 24cm.
  • Plate mounting possible.
  • Cutting technique flush with the trunk that promotes healthy scarring for a high quality pruning.
  • Independent electric control of the cylinders, directly from the cabin.
  • Paddock stands for storage.

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ModelMeteor P350
Disc Hedge Trimmer3650
Nb. of blades/discs3
Diameter (mm)700
Cutting capacity (mm) - Plates of blades25
Cutting capacity (mm) - Saw blades240
Cutting length (m)1,68
Hydraulic flow rate and pressure45 L/min à 180 bar
Rotary speed (rpm)2000
Machine weight (sans accrochage) (kg)550