Meteor T400 Telescopic Tree Trimmer

  • Rotary cutting head for large roads
  • Specially designed for alignment with disc with radial blades
  • Can be equipped with laser guidance for parks and castles
  • Outstanding cutting length and cutting capacity for firebreaks, power lines and windbreaks
  • Adjustable arm allows perfect positioning of the disc hedge trimmer in any scenario
  • Great visibility thanks to front mounting
  • Control of the trimmer positioning
  • Telescopic arm, up to 70cm
  • Inclination system of the trimmer
  • Driver assistance system

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ModèleMeteor T400
Nombre de lames/plateaux1267
Diamètre (mm)900700
Capacité de coupe (mm) - PlateauxN/AN/A30
Capacité de coupe (mm) - Lames de scie400240
Longueur de coupe (m)0,91,553,173,67
Débit hydraulique et pression45 L/min à 170 bar
Vitesse de rotation (tr/min)1600 - 19002000
Poids machine (sans accrochage) (kg)970102011501200