Celest 250 Hedge Cutters

  • This generation of walk-behind hedge cutters.
  • Outstanding cutting capacity, whether for horizontally or vertically flat finishes.
  • Adjustment of the cutting tool into any position.
  • Versatile: can be equipped with a synchronous disc hedge cutter, or with pruning shears as an alternative.
  • Intuitive and easy handling by control panel.
  • Effective with all types of vegetation up to a diameter of 20cm.
  • Folding handlebar for easy transportation.
  • Effortless guiding.

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Disc Hedge TrimmerCelest 250
ToolsLamier 3400Barre de coupe
Nb. of blades/discs3N/A
Diameter (mm)400N/A
Cutting Height (m) - Horizontal2,5
Cutting Height (m) – Vertical3,94,5
Cutting capacity (mm)2015
Cutting length (m)1,11,35
Rotary speed (rpm)3500440
Machine weight (kg)400
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